Our Philosophy

We believe in sustainable tourism and land management.

ffWe love our amazingly quiet and beautiful farm, our area and our neighbors and thus strive to make a small foot print on the planet and have a positive impact on our local community.

This is why we cultivate our farm organically. We live in an area where water is in short supply, especially in the summer. We choose not to have a swimming pool because the negative environmental impact (the high water consumption and chemical pollution) of swimming pools, including the more “natural” salt water pools is great.

We realize of course that we play only a tiny part in helping our environment, but know that every little thing that anyone does is a step in the right direction for the future. At our farm we heat our water and house with sansa, the leftovers of the olive oil production and wood, both of which leave a small impact on the environment. Soon we will also have solar panels to help heat our water.


We mostly use cleaning agents which are environmentally friendly, recycle, re-use and buy locally whenever possible. We collect rain water for our plants and landscape with mostly indigenous plants that need little water. As much as possible we grow the vegetables and fruit that we eat and continually learn and practice new ways to preserve our earth for future generations and support our local community.

We enjoy sharing this tiny corner of the earth that we care for with others. It is truly a relaxing, friendly and beautiful corner that leaves lasting memories.

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    Where We’re Located
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