Grape Harvest and Starting to Make Wine

making wine in le marche italy

The grape harvest at Lavanda Blu.

We have a small vineyard with mostly Trebbiano grapes, a small sweet white grape that is used for making table wine and is one of the principal grapes in Le Marche’s DOC Falerio wine.

A few weeks ago along with our guests we harvested our grapes and are now making wine.

italy grape harvest with guests helping

Our Agriturismo Guests Helping Pick the Grapes


What a beautiful day it was…one of those lovely September days with hardly any humidity in the air with blue skies.

italy wine harvest guests participate

Just Picked Trebbiano Grapes

Next the grapes go into the crusher; ours is a small hand crank affair.

Hans with our friend Rainer, who brought his red grapes over to crush and press at our place.

The crusher separates out the stems which would make the wine bitter. the green crates contain the stems which then can be distilled into Grappa, or in our case, composted.

making wine in le marche italy

Red grapes after they were crushed, ready to be pressed

grape pressing le marche italy

Pressing the grapes and collecting the juice

It’s a sticky job!

wine making on guest farm italy

This is what’s left after pressing

Next the juice is put into a big bin, covered with a cloth to keep the wasps and other bugs out, and kept cool with ice. We used 5 liter jugs of frozen water. Our good friend, neighbor and superb wine maker Emanuele suggested we do this and keep it cool until the fermentation is done. Fermentation took over a week.



Our agriturismo grape picking crew 2012

It’s wonderful to have guests who like to participate in farm activities…we all have fun. Now hopefully we’ll also have a nice white table wine to share with guests. I’ll keep you posted!

Mid-morning coffee and cake on the front stoop of the B&B


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