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La Cucina Italiana in Le Marche, Italy

amando Cooking in Le Marche is based on fresh local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques derived from its peasant history. Dishes vary depending on location, from fresh fish along the coast to foraged mushrooms and herbs in the mountains.

A local coastal dish to try is ‘brodetto’, a soup made from the catch of the day. Every town has its own way of preparing brodetto, a great excuse for trying it more than once!

Our Val d’Aso is one of Italy’s larger fruit and vegetable growing areas. Local farmers sell their produce right on their farms-fresh and wonderful!

amando Meat is farmed and butchered locally. Local cured meats are a specialty, as are stuffed fried olives (olive ascolane) and fresh stuffed pasta dishes such as vincigrassi, a traditional baked fresh pasta dish.

Much of the food used in local inland dishes is gathered in the wild such as mushrooms, field greens, nuts, game and truffles. You can join us for truffle hunting in the mountains.

Wine and olive oil are two important products of the area. You can visit a frantoio (olive mill) and see how olive oil is made. There are many excellent vineyards nearby making fabulous wines. We are located in an area that makes the following DOC wines: Rosso Piceno, Passerina, Falerio and Pecorino. Many vineyards offer tastings and tours.

amando There are several homemade liqueurs that you can enjoy as well as the distilled liquors grappa and mistra`. Mistra` is a speciality of Le Marche, distilled from wine with each family’s secret ingredients, but always including anise. Another local specialty still made the way the ancient Romans did is vino cotto, ‘cooked wine’. You can join us in September and help us make vino cotto after we harvest and crush the grapes.

Nearby there are restaurants offering delicious food, authentic Neapolitan pizza, Marchigiano traditional dishes and fresh fish from the Adriatic.
Elizabetta is a former chef and is passionate about food, its history, culture and preparation.


We believe and practice in eating and preparing food that is farm to table, or as they say here in Italy, “zero kilometri”. We have an organic vegetable garden where we grow heirloom vegetables and fruit, a discovery in flavors and traditions.

Here in Le Marche we are blessed with many choices of excellent food producers and we love to introduce our guests to the farms and shops that offer the freshest local food. Buon Appetito!

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