Collecting Lavender Honey

In an effort to catch up on all the things I didn’t write about this summer, today I want to share some photos of our lavender honey, which was so good it’s all gone!

lavender honey in italy

Rainer and Linda checking the bees

As you might remember, our friends Rainer and Linda, bee keepers extraordinaire put 2 giant bee houses on the edge of our upper lavender field, right before the lavender went into bloom.We call the bees our agriturismo guests with full pension.

We have sooo many flowering plants around that the bees love, but when the lavender is in bloom, the bees really love it so the honey they make is primarily from the lavender flowers.

We put the bees under a sweet pear tree for shade, then Hans added a little roof over the hives for more shade. Each hive has 20-30 thousand bees living in it. That’s a lot of bees. Bees need water and they will come around the house looking for it, so we preferred to give them their own source near their own house, so we provided them a swimming pool as well.

collecting lavender honey in le marche italy

Taking the oh so heavy honey to the car

See the white bin on the right of the above photo? that’s the swimming pool.

organic lavender italy making honey

This is what the hives look like inside

Linda’s bees are very docile. I was able to stand right next to the hives while Rainer and Linda were working.

the front of the bee hive during the lavender honey collection

Bees flying to the front entrance of the hive

The bees come in and out of the front entrance which was put facing away from the field. So long as you’re around the back, the guard bees don’t think you’re a threat so they just go about their business┬ábut don’t go near the front, they will attack!

lavender honey inside the hive

Linda explaining to Hans about how the bees make honey

lavender honey combs

A closer view of the honey and royal jelly that the bees make

Linda always leaves plenty of honey for the bees for the winter. Many beekeepers take all the honey and give the bees sugar water to eat during the winter months. but Linda prefers that they eat what they are supposed to eat.

And here she is, tasting the very first of the lavender honey!

tasting organic italian lavender honey

The first taste

The honey is really heavy. Rainer does most of the lifting, and after they had put into the car the honey boxes to take and separate and centrifuge at their house, Rainer was so kind and collected all of the fabulous pears on the tree above the hive…I certainly wasn’t going to go near the front of the hive, docile bees or not. The pears that we didn’t eat right away became pear ginger jam, which disappeared almost as fast as the lavender honey!


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