What’s for Lunch? Fried Flowers!

Springtime. My oh my it’s glorious!

We have several acacia trees and Elderberry (Sambuco) trees around us and everywhere.

The flowers of both are edible.

Fried Acacia Flowers


From the elderberry flowers we make a syrup that’s refreshing in the summer mixed with fizzy water, a natural soda if you will. The beautiful lacy flowers become tiny clusters of dark blue, almost black berries that I use in jams and in a syrup for the winter to help keep colds and flu away. The birds like the berries as well, and they are great trees to attract birds.


Since both are blooming and I’m just not in the mood to go to the grocery store, today I fried the flowers and served them with a green salad for lunch.

Ever so slightly sweet and tangy, dipped in a light batter of egg, water and flour and then fried in an inch of olive oil.

Just picked sambuco flower


Just picked acacia flowers


The trick is to make the batter fairly liquid, dip the flowers and then gently shake off any excess batter from the flowers or you end up with a heavy fried batter that masks the delicate flavor of the flowers. Make sure your oil is hot enough to sizzle the batter, but not so hot it’s smoking…this way your batter gets lovely and crispy quickly without absorbing oodles of oil.



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